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What is VideoAsk?

VideoAsk is an interactive online video tool that lets you create personalized, asynchronous conversations. It’s a web-based platform (also available on iOS and Android) that you can use to create forms for qualifying leads, recruiting candidates, collecting testimonials, and much more.

Want to have a go at answering a videoask? 👇 Give the one below a try! This one's in preview mode and is designed for testing purposes only. Your answers won't be submitted.

When creating a videoask, you can ask your audience questions with pre-recorded videos and they’ll be able to respond with either a video, audio, or text message when you use the open-ended answer type. Looking for a different answer type like NPS® or a Multiple Choice? Check out this article about all the different answer types you can choose from in VideoAsk.

After viewing responses you’ve collected, you’ll also be able to reply back to your respondent through VideoAsk, creating a 2-way conversation!

If you’re using other tools in your workflows, such as Zapier or Hubspot, VideoAsk offers a variety of integrations to help bring your favorite tools together seamlessly.

You can use VideoAsk for free, or upgrade to a paid plan for more advanced features. Check out our pricing page to see which plan works best for you.

Have more questions about VideoAsk? Take a peek at our frequently asked questions page or browse our Help Center for useful resources, tips, and tricks.

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